Christina Flores (Johnson)
MBA Graduate 2013
Massachusetts Institute for Technology
2007 Scholarship Recipient

I was blessed to receive one of the inaugural LAFD Merit Scholarships in 2007. Reflecting back over the last decade, I couldn’t be more grateful to the Fund. As a high school senior, I knew that I wanted to learn and grow in a new environment away from the comforts of the California sunshine. I had selected Massachusetts Institute for Technology as the site for this new adventure but wasn’t sure it would be economically feasible. The scholarship provided the opportunity to make my dream a reality.

During my time at MIT, I studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, all the while still exploring the art, history, food and culture of the city of Boston. I was able to interact with students from all over the world and fuel my passion for serving others. I participated in a number of different activities from gospel choir to mentorship in the STEM fields to even serving as Dorm President. After my four years of undergraduate studies, I still felt a desire to increase my knowledge, particularly in the area of business. I stayed at MIT and attended the Sloan School of Management, where I received my MBA in 2013.

Currently I work at Capital One as the Head of Talent Strategy for the company’s Financial Services division. I’ve been able to leverage my technical foundation, strong operational expertise and analytical rigor across various industries at companies such as Amazon and Deloitte Consulting. I will forever be appreciative and humbled by the opportunity of being a LAFD Merit Scholarship winner. It truly served as a catalyst for what has now become a blossoming career driven by a passion to contribute and improve the lives of others.